A Writer’s Toolbox

[My below post was originally posted on Linda Hills formidable blog! Do visit it.] I have been overwhelmed by the initial reaction to my debut novel. Without any publicity or marketing, it has an all-five-star rating on Amazon. True, only nine ratings but as an unknown first-time Indie author I’ve been taken aback by private … Continue reading A Writer’s Toolbox


Broken Reviews

Here’s a painful book: A Most Wanted Man by le Carré. And judging by the reviews I’m not the only one. It’s scraping in with an acceptable 3.47/5 on Goodreads although among the more considered reviews it’s dire. It’s one of those books where I literally had to force my eyes to the end of … Continue reading Broken Reviews

Ebooks, copyright and the French executive

Not that I obsessively track monthly ebook sales, but the direction of travel is clear - ebooks are the future. For titles that lend themselves to discretion, it’s already the present. 50% of revenues for the runaway success 50 shades trilogy came from ebooks. Like many a delusional neophyte author, I recently found myself  dreaming … Continue reading Ebooks, copyright and the French executive