A brief note on Stephen King’s 11.22.63

Far from a doting Stephen King fan, I actually marked down the last King novel I read (Revival). But this 11.22.63 was as close to perfect story-telling as you will get. This book had it all: deep characters; love; heartbreak; a sense of the epic history-changing mission replete with twists and turns. The pacing was … Continue reading A brief note on Stephen King’s 11.22.63


Show not tell – take 10,000

The first tip an editor will proffer a wet-behind-the-ears author is: SHOW DON’T TELL. Just Google the phrase to see the number of hits returned. There is even a YouTube video of Stephen King placing this nugget as his number one advice to aspirant authors. Here’s an example from a thriller I’m currently writing. Tell: … Continue reading Show not tell – take 10,000